Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Bridal Hair Trends: Old Hollywood Glamour

Continuing coverage of the 2013 Bridal Hair Trends brings us to....the Old Hollywood Glamour look! 

This consists of a deep side part with waves going towards the face. This is super easy to achieve, and is such a classy, elegant look! Within the past week of doing trials, we have had most brides ask for this look. Here are some photos (Megan Fox in 2 of them! She must love this look!):

So there you have it! The 3 most popular bridal hair trends of the year. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for this look, so stay tuned! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How does a Trial run work?

A lot of times, we get brides asking how the trial run actually works. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your trial run!

1. When should you schedule your trial?
     You can schedule your trial whenever you'd like! I always say, the sooner the better! Why not check one more thing off your long wedding to-do list? We've had brides schedule them over a year in advance! Now that's planning ahead! Usually about 5-6 months out I would recommend doing the trial. However, if your wedding is during the high time, I would recommend doing it about 7 months out. At the trial we take plenty of pictures and notes so it is easy for us to recreate exactly what we did at the trial. This way you can also reserve the date by giving a deposit. Then you are all set for the big day! 

2. Overview of the trial session:
     When we meet for the trial session, we will first sit down to discuss your wedding, venue, theme, dress, and what you are used to wearing on an everyday basis. This gives us a pretty good idea of the whole "look" that you are going for. We also go over any photos of hair and makeup that you have, and will have you pinpoint what you like about each one, and if there is anything you don't like. Your vision will become our vision! We will then do your makeup application and hairstyle! 

3. Do come prepared! 
    It is so extremely helpful that the bride comes prepared. Communication is key when it comes to doing the trial run. In order for it to be a success, the artists and bride needs to be on the same page. A natural look, or smokey eye look can mean different things to different people. This is where the helpful tool of photos comes in handy. You can bring as many photos as you like! You can also pick apart the hair or makeup, and choose some photos for how you like the front of the hair, and another for back. 

4. Come with your hair and face ready to be worked on!
   We ask that you come with your hair clean and dry, and to not be wearing any makeup. If you are wearing makeup, then we will simply remove it before we begin. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Bridal Hair Trends: Chignons

Another great popular style for 2013 is the chignon. Chignons can have a variety of shapes and texture to make the style unique to you.

For a modern look, you can have your hair more sleek and centered at the nape of your neck. Here's an example of what Carolina Herrera did on the runway. This is a super tight, sleek look. To be honest, it takes a certain person to be able to pull this off!

Here's a version of what one of our hair artists created for a bridesmaid: 
This one is somewhat smooth on top, yet with some volume. Also, the bun has some nice texture to it, while still staying on the more modern side. 

This lovely creation is a lot looser with plenty of texture all around. 

For a softer look, you can also choose to do a side chignon. The photo on the right has more texture to it, than the one of the left is a bit more refined, with some hair hanging down to frame the face.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Bridal Hair Trends: Braids

Bridal trends are always a mix of innovative, new styles with a classic and timeless look. These new "trends" can always be tweaked to fit the individual bride. My favorite part of being a part of a bride's beauty team, is to come up with her perfect look that is unique to her. I always tell brides that their guests need to recognize who is coming down the aisle! 

This week I'll be posting some of the most popular trends. As for now, take a look at one of my fave trends!


I absolutely love braids. You add just a little hint inside an updo as a surprise, or have the whole style revolve around a braid. You can also wear half up half down with a waterfall braid. They add just the right amount of texture to any style. 

 Brittany Snow has a few braids added in that almost blends in with the wave that they added to her hair.
 One of our brides wanted some loose texture with the braid sweeping across from one side. Add some flowers for a vintage-y feel.
If you have naturally curly hair, add a braid and make it into a side bun like one of our past bridesmaids!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Knot Best of Weddings Winner for 2012!

Bliss Makeup Artistry NAMED WINNER IN 

Simi Valley, CA January 24, 2013 -- Bliss Makeup Artistry is pleased to announce they have been selected as a 2013 winner in The Knot Best of Weddings, a special section featured on the number-one wedding destination, most trusted by brides.
This is the fourth consecutive year Bliss has been voted the winner for The Knot Best of Weddings. With 96 weddings for 2012, this has been the best year yet! Thank you to EVERYONE! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Golden Globes Hits and Misses

It's award season time, and that means talking Hollywood fashion and beauty! I love seeing all the new trends that Celebrities are wearing and how that translates to the whole bridal realm.
During the night, I saw a lot of Mermaid/Fishtail silhouettes. Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen, Amy Adams in Marchesa, Hayden Panettiere in Roberto Cavalli, Megan Fox in Dolce and Gabbana, and Sarah Hyland in Max Azria to name a few.

A major hair trend was the side swept loose curls. Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher, and Heidi Klum all did the side do. However, I love the way Jessica Alba pulled it off. Effortless beauty. 

Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in her structured red gown by Dior Haute Couture. The A-line silhouette is always a classic look. Her hair is definitely going to be a bridal trend this year! It had such great twisted texture all pinned in a soft chignon at the nape of her neck. 
Julianne Hough was another win for me, but ONLY in her dress she wore to the InStyle after party. She looked so elegant and classy, yet her hair added a little edginess. Jennifer and Julianne definitely pulled together a young, fresh Hollywood glamour. 
Another fave was Kate Hudson. While I think she's outright gorgeous, some critics are saying her hair should have had a little more structure. I personally loved her hair as a loose, free blow-out because it added softness to her Alexander McQueen gown. 
Besides Kate Hudson's blow-out, I did not like the care free hair of Claire Danes, Hayden Panettiere, Sarah Hyland, and Selena Gomez. 
Honestly, I love Taylor Swift, but this has to be her worst look yet. The deep plum Donna Karan was not doin it for me. She looked so much older than she really is. And I really think it was the hair that did it in. She has such beautiful hair, and having it all pulled back in a somewhat sleek look just did not look pleasant. 
A few others are Anne Hathaway and Sienna Miller. Both dresses were not flattering at all! And the fabric of Sienna's dress?!