Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Bridal Hair Trends: Braids

Bridal trends are always a mix of innovative, new styles with a classic and timeless look. These new "trends" can always be tweaked to fit the individual bride. My favorite part of being a part of a bride's beauty team, is to come up with her perfect look that is unique to her. I always tell brides that their guests need to recognize who is coming down the aisle! 

This week I'll be posting some of the most popular trends. As for now, take a look at one of my fave trends!


I absolutely love braids. You add just a little hint inside an updo as a surprise, or have the whole style revolve around a braid. You can also wear half up half down with a waterfall braid. They add just the right amount of texture to any style. 

 Brittany Snow has a few braids added in that almost blends in with the wave that they added to her hair.
 One of our brides wanted some loose texture with the braid sweeping across from one side. Add some flowers for a vintage-y feel.
If you have naturally curly hair, add a braid and make it into a side bun like one of our past bridesmaids!

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